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The Meaning of a Mentor

A mentor can be defined as, “one who uses their own past experience to encourage and support their mentee. Life mentors can be professionals or everyday people, like family, friends, colleagues, and neighbors. They may offer career support, personal development support, or both.”

Walking through life alone is not how we were created to thrive. As I mentioned in the last blog, God created us to walk through life together.

If you find yourself in a difficult situation and in need of guidance, isn’t it challenging to do that alone? Wouldn’t it be much easier if you had someone to turn to that has been in your shoes before, or someone who cares about you and will pour into your life? I am going to discuss just 3 benefits of having a life mentor!

#1- Outside perspective

Oftentimes, someone directly involved in your life has a skewed perspective of the situations you find yourself in.Your mom, sibling, or best friend likely have strong opinions about the decisions you have to make and although having those people support you in life is wonderful, having an outsider, such as a life mentor who is not necessarily apart of your daily life tasks, can be very beneficial. They can provide neutral ground and in turn, help you see things a bit more clearer. Think of them as having more of a birds eye view on your life.

#2- Experience provides wisdom

In my experience, the number one place where I grow, learn, and get a better understanding of life is when I go through difficult trials or hard situations. That is why I believe that life experiences can provide more knowledge and wisdom in one's life. I have people in my life who I consider mentors. They pour into me, share with me what they have gone through and give me advice. When I am able to share the lessons I have learned with someone else, it makes the life trials well worth it. And many mentors feel this way because “89% of individuals mentored will mentor someone in the future” (source) Our experiences allow us to connect with one another and helps each other get through life.

#3- Uplifting & encouraging

Having someone outside of your family show you love, respect and care is a big deal! Research shows that “87% of mentors and mentees say that their mentoring relationships make them feel empowered and assist them to develop a more prominent sense of confidence in themselves.” (source)

The Bluebird has trained life mentors who want to provide options and resources for those who may be in a difficult situation, not knowing what next step to take or which decision to make. Our mentors have a heart to non-judgmentally help, serve, listen, and walk alongside those who need a mentor.

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