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Affordable Summer Activities

The sun is starting to shine down in Clermont County! Flipflops are being brought out, shorts are becoming unwrinkled, and it is time to lather up your sunscreen and breathe in the warmth of Summer! Kids are out of school, and their time off can be difficult to fill as you try to avoid boredom and sibling squabbles, so here are 20 free or low-cost activities for you as you brainstorm what to do this summer with your kids, family, friends, or children you babysit! 

Camp in the backyard

Visit a few local parks and compare which ones you like the best

Make homemade ice cream 


Collect rocks, then paint them 

Visit the library and check out some books 

Nature scavenger hunt 

Challenge your friends/family to see who can go the longest without tech for a day 

Go for a hike 

Play pictionary with sidewalk chalk 

Host a boardgame night 

Have a yard sale or visit one 

Make a summer bucket list 

Have a cook/bake-off

Backyard soccer game 

Make popsicles 

Volunteer for a cause you believe in 

Window shop in a town you’ve never visited 

Make cookies and deliver them to someone who needs to be cheered up 

Make a slip-n-slide


I hope this blog got you excited for this beautiful season blooming before us. Enjoy time with your friends and family this Summer!

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