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Our community needs more than emergency intervention and an overbearing amount of information on resources available to them, they need long-term life transformation! They need someone to bridge the gap between them and the local services available to them, in the most accessible way.

Our goal is to Reach, Inform, Connect, Educate, and Empower!

Our Mission

Our Mission

Bluebird Bus Of Hope bridges the gap between services and the community in the most accessible way, while revolutionizing the community's value on life.

Holding Hands
Happy Boy

Our Vision

Long-term life-affirming hope easily accessible for all

Stigmas must be stopped

education provides wisdom

emrgency intervention is not long-term transformation

life should be affirmed by all 

love people as we are loved

Bluebird Leadership Team

We are honored to have an amazing team of volunteers at the Bluebird. We all have a heart and passion to serve our rural communities. 

Why have we chosen to serve rural communties?

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