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Bluebird Bus Of Hope

Welcome to the Bluebird Bus Of Hope Journey

My name is Polly Camery. I am so excited to share this journey with you. The Bluebird Bus Of Hope is in the early stages of renovation. While I can't wait to share the renovation progress step by step, I will also be sharing with you the development of the organization itself! This has already become an exciting adventure. I encourage you to join the ride by jumping on the Bluebird Bus Of Hope!

We were lucky enough to obtain a school bus that was partially renovated. It helped that seats were out, most of the electric was ran, and an insulated floor had already been installed. Since we purchased the bus we have done the following:

  • Coated the top/roof of the bus to ensure no leaks

  • Laid all new flooring

  • Redid the ceiling with pine wood

  • Installed new ceiling lighting

  • Installed new speakers

  • Blacked out several windows

  • Purchased cabinets

  • Changed our mind a million times about the layout!

This is just the beginning!

Sometimes we feel like we are building an ark, and God is gradually telling us what it is for.

Keep following to learn about our big next big news! Please leave your questions in the comments we would love to address them! If you haven't already make sure you subscribe for updates!Subscribe.

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