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Summer!! Woohoo! What a wonderful time to be alive. The sun is out, temperatures are high, nature is in full bloom, pools are open, and tank tops are on!

One of the benefits of summertime is fresh produce! In Ohio, there are about 170 days of prime gardening time. After the last frost, we race to get all the seeds in the ground, dreaming about biting into a juicy tomato right off the vine. Then about a month and a half later, our dreams come true! Nothing is more exciting than walking into the garden and seeing the colorful fruits and vegetables you spend hours taking care of, ready to harvest!

The seeds produce abundant food, allowing us to share it with others! Another beautiful thing about gardening. Luckily, many farmers are set up and ready for us to get our share of their bounty.

Support local farmers!

Going to a farmer's market is a great option if you do not have a garden but want fresh produce. It is a wonderful experience to meet the farmer who grew the food you consume. Being able to ask questions, create a relationship, support locally, and enjoy homegrown food is a fun and great way to do your shopping!

Here are a few markets you and your family can attend this summer.

Gain all the nutrients!

When you eat locally grown food, they are most likely also filled with more nutrients than store-bought produce. Think about it… a farmer harvests their garden, and a day or so later, they load up their truck with their products, drive to the market, and sell it directly to you. Comparatively, when we go to the store, who knows what state or country it comes from and how long ago it was picked.

It can become difficult to source locally in the colder months, but I say we take advantage of peak gardening season and eat the nutrient-dense produce to fuel our bodies this summer!

So the next time you crave fruits or vegetables, I encourage you to visit your local farmers market to try out locally sourced your food! Let’s build up our community by supporting our neighborhood farmers!

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