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The snow has melted and the ground is softening from a long winter frost. The green that has been hidden is slowly demanding to be seen! The buds are beginning to pop and the birds are warming up their voices for an audience, eager to hear.

Spring is approaching! New life is beginning! What a wonderful time to step outside and breathe in that brisk, fresh morning air that seems to warm your wintered bones.

Let us be awakened just as the flowers wildly bloom before our eyes. May we learn from the trees who are turning over new leaves this season. Let the birds give us courage to raise our voices to sing our own songs boldly.

If we look closely at nature around us, we can learn from its intricate, unique design. Each element of creation shows us a new characteristic of The Creator. In many ways, we too are like nature that surrounds us.

I see how detailed the brightly colored sunflowers are and it reminds me of women in my life who bring light, love, and beauty into my life. I look at the dense mountain ranges and see dense abundance and grace that I receive from people in my life. Trees that grow by the water that endure and grow in unexpected places are like beautiful friendships that stick around through it all.

The sun is shining bright and if we strive to turn our faces towards it, we will grow just like life that thrives, flourishes, and blooms from it.

We can build each other up in this season of new life. We can walk through these seasons of life together. What better season than spring to begin a journey of healing, process of resetting, embracing new experiences, and striving towards joy.

The people of the Bluebird are here to embark on a new journey with you and we want to see you bloom to your full potential. If the winter left you with bitterness, dreariness, and coldness don’t let it keep you down! Let the sun help you grow, start the pruning process in the garden of your life.

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