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Community Matters

Along comes a baby!

The birth of a new baby is a blessing and a miracle. The addition of this beautiful new life brings added responsibilities. Transitioning from having to take care of just yourself to all of the sudden having another human life fully relying on you for everything is a huge life adjustment. When having a child, you almost lose a part of yourself (in the best way possible though). Many avoid talking about this topic, but it is a truth you have to face and prepare for.

Before having children you could spontaneously decide to go out for dinner with your friends, coffee with your mom, drive to Florida, or have a date night with your spouse. Adding children to the mix doesn't mean your social life has to end, but it does become slightly more complicated. You have to intentionally work towards building and maintaining a community and that is so vitally important, especially after having a child.

What comes to mind is the adage, “it takes a village.” I believe this to be true. Some days you need a break, some fresh air, or someone to talk to and who better to turn to than the community around you? Sometimes, you just can’t do everything in life alone. And that is okay! How cool is it that we can rely on trusted friends and family to help us in times of need? I find it comforting knowing that I do not have to do life solo. We were truly designed to live in community.


One huge benefit of having a strong community is that you can gain so much wisdom and knowledge. When you get plugged into groups around you, most likely your interests are alike but often you are at different stages of life. Different aged friends are the best to have because you can learn so much from each other.


Feeling like you have a people or a place where you can be 100% yourself is so freeing. You get a sense of belonging and this is where you can grow, have fun, and finally take that breath that you have been holding so long, without knowing.

“I don’t have a healthy or reliable community.”

Coming across a strong community can take a lot of time, effort, and determination. If you do not have people in your life that you feel comfortable around or trust then I suggest you start the search! Because there are good people out there who have room in their heart to love and serve you, I am sure of it. You make friends and get plugged in places when you are putting yourself out there. I know, it can be scary and hard but in the end it will be so worth it. If you do not know where to start, come to the Bus! Taking the first step can be the most difficult, we know that but we are ready to take those steps alongside you!

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