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Coffee With A Friend

What do you do when you have a hard decision to make, need advice from a mentor, or have had a bad day and just need to sit to chat with a friend? You grab a cup of coffee! You go to your favorite cafe, soak in the coffee aroma, sip on your comfort drink, and know you are in a safe place to make that decision and that you can conquer tomorrow!

There are many benefits of spending time with a close friend over a cup of coffee so read on as I list just two of the many reasons!


This simple act of chatting while drinking coffee allows you to be pulled into the present. We live in a fast-paced world; there are distractions everywhere, and everything seems to be drawing your attention away from the things you need to take care of- your mental health, physical health, and well-being. Taking time to slow down, think, check in with yourself, and talk about life brings you into the present, which is a beautiful place to be.

The Bluebird values you, your well-being, the present, and the importance of talking. We want to invite you into our cafe to chat! We will be there for you when you feel alone, hopeless, or exhausted.


Although coffee has caffeine, the energy you get from the coffee is not what I am explicitly referring to. When being around a friend who truly cares about you, you will leave your coffee meeting feeling re-energized, re-fueled, and happier than when you first arrived! Being around good friends is food for your soul and boosts your energy! (Although the coffee does give you energy too:))

Every time I make a plan to get coffee with a friend, mentor, or family member, I never regret it! In the past, I would feel too tired, overwhelmed with life, or melancholy to be around people, and isolation sounded like the best thing to do. But when I would fight the urge that I had to stay home and cancel the plans, I would end up going and would always have a feeling of thankfulness that I followed through because being with that person just got me out of a funk.

The Bluebird Cafe strives to help people when they feel there is nowhere else to turn. We have all been in a place of hopelessness at one point or another. We have resources to give you when you are struggling. So come to our cafe and chat with us over a cup of coffee when you feel hopeless. Reach out to us today!

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