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Why Become A Donor?

It is uncomfortable and difficult to ask for money, especially with all that is going on in the world. But someone once told me that I am not asking for myself but I am asking for God and His kingdom. I am writing this to those who feel led to donate or want to know how they can help the Bluebird succeed!

So please read on as I list 3 reasons why you should consider becoming a donor.

Helping the hopeless.

Whether a woman comes onto our bus pregnant and unsure of what to do, a man comes to us and is struggling to budget for his family, or a teenager just needs someone to sit down and listen to them, they all have one thing in common- a feeling of hopelessness. And our core mission is to restore hope to those who think they are hopeless.

By giving monthly to the Bluebird, you will be helping those who feel hopeless. On the bus we have many resources and ways to connect them to programs that can be useful in their lives. All the resources provided for those who come onto the bus are free but some require payment on our end. There are many expenses and a few programs that we will be using on the bus that will cost money to implement. One example is online classes that will provide education and wisdom in many areas in life. A second example is an online assessment generator that we will be using to help us best pinpoint the specific area of needs of our guests.

Supporting long-term mentorships.

Another one of our beliefs is that emergency intervention is not long-term transformation and the best way to help our community is to focus on long term solutions. We will be providing ongoing support to our guests and pairing them with a mentor who will be invested in providing guidance. We will help them create an action plan and will be walking alongside them as the plan is executed!

If you choose to financially support the Bluebird you will be impacting the lives of others! We are focused on one life at a time, helping them to get back to a place of hope.

Reaching surrounding counties.

The Bluebird is just now getting off the ground and onto the road but we know that God has bigger plans for us! Right now we have a goal to eventually obtain more buses that will be assigned to different counties surrounding the Cincinnati area. Our mission is to reach as many of the rural areas that we are able to, and to do so it will require multiple buses!

In receiving monthly donations, it will make this goal more obtainable! More buses equals more lives impacted!

Becoming a monthly donor.

In order to help the hopeless, provide long-term mentorships, and to reach surrounding counties it is essential that we have a monthly income. If you are interested in supporting our mission you can do so today! We are so appreciative of every penny that is sent to help us fulfill this journey that God has put on our hearts.

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